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Gnanajyothi Vahini

Sri Sarvadharmapriya Sai Gnanajyothi Vahini Trust (SSSGV Trust) was formed on 2nd August 2012

Trust Motto / Vision: A Trust of Devotion, Love, Dedication, and Service

Trust Mission: Serving the needy, by providing them all round education for the overall development of the rural and urban society; irrespective of caste, creed, age, religion, language, or sex

Sri Sarvadharmapriya Sai Gnanajyothi Vahini (SSSGV) is a Non-Government Organization (NGO), and a service oriented Trust. The Trust is totally committed to support the educational requirements of the needy students, and to provide education to bring out the hidden knowledge within oneself by imparting moral and spiritual values. The SSSGV Trust is operational under the impeccable guidance of Sri Sri Sri Sainath Maharaj, The Chairman, who articulated this service organization to cater to the mankind without discriminating as to caste, creed, religion, language, race, or gender.



The Trust is catering to the educational needs of the people in rural and urban areas with a service motto.

Our Programs

Education Wing Activities

Impart education including vocational educational service for the welfare and development of general public both in rural and urban areas. Assist people to achieve development socially and educationally to understand their potential and to self-develop through their Voluntary actions.

Value Based Education

Children are not things to be moulded, but people to be unfolded. The children gain academic education in their respective schools. We...

Golden Classes for Children

The young minds are in a question mark mode seeking answers for all the ifs, buts and whys. Why this? Why that? Why not this than that?...

Personality Development

You 2 You v2.0: It's conducted by the well experienced, eminent & highly skilled, the treasure of knowledge, Guru, Sri H.P Ramadas
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Adult Education

It is said that there is no end for education and that learning is for lifetime. In this backdrop, the Trust worked in rural areas with the adults...

Youth Exchange Program

Platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge between Youth in urban and rural area. Topics like: benefits of technology, education,

Support to the Needy

Financial Support

Anyone in need of financial support to continue their academic education can contact the Trust for the same. One can also provide references of the students who need support. We have received the references of the needy students from various institutions, students, word of mouth, rural areas where we have conducted value education classes, and donors

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Our Programs

Publication Wing Activities

Publication is a part of the SSSGV Trust, and has two sub-departments.

Print Media

It is responsible to produce various items in print mode, such as photos, calendars, keychains, life secret books, newsletters etc.

Electronic Media

It is responsible to produce various items such as discourse pendrives, bhajan CDs etc.


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Education Projects to cover wider Group

SSSGV Projects

The SSSGV Trust identified that, in the rural areas the major challenge of discontinuity in academic education of the children and youth is due to their financial constraints. To address this problem, the Trust decided to take up the self-sustaining projects in two ways:
a) Projects to save money
b) Projects to generate income.

Save Money Projects

It's basically to cut down the daily expenses & utilize the available natural resources, like : Solar Energy, Rain Water Harvesting, Bio Gas, etc.

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is about harnessing commerce for a good cause. It is the initiative of the Trust to empower the youth for a social mission to bring about a positive change

Village Sustainability

The Trust has planned to undertake the project in rural areas, that would augment their income and consequently enable them to save a portion for the future of their children.

Earn Money Projects

It's basically to provide opportunities to the unemployed youths, women folks, experienced adults, of the village, involve them in implementation of the Solar Energy systems,

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