Sri Sri Sri Sarvadharmapriya Sai Dwarakamai Mandir Trust (R)

It is a private Trust which orients Devotion, Love, Dedication, and Service, and was formed on 7.Jul.2009.

- It has been registered under the Trust act in Bangalore, Karnataka.
- All the activities are carried under the guidance of The Chairman, Sri Sri Sri Sainath Maharaj.
- We cater to the mankind without discriminating caste, creed, religion, language, race, or sex.

Consecration of the idol of Sri Sri Sri Sainath Maharaj

- On an auspicious day, in the year 1994, the idol of Sri Saibaba was consecrated & given to
Sri Ramadas HP by Sri Dr. HC Ramanna at Sri Saibaba Samadhi Mandir, Chitradurga, KA.
- All spiritual rites were carried out with the blessings of Sri Sri Sri Sainath Maharaj.

Sri Ramadas HP was blessed with the Avahane powers (manifestation) in the year 1996 on the day of Sriramanavami. Since then, all the activities are undertaken as per the guidance given by Sri Sri Sri Sainath Maharaj.

Mandir Inauguration

During one such manifestation in the year 2001, Amruthvani (instructions and details) were given to construct a Mandir at Hebbal (Bangalore). Thus, on the 10th of March 2002, Sri Sarvadharmapriya Sai Dwarakamai Mandir was inaugurated.

Muloor Pratishtapana

All the devotees are blessed to have Sri Sri Sri Sainath Maharaj in life size form as Muloor Baba whose Pratishtapana took place in June 2007. Sri Sri Sri Sainath Maharaj Himself gave the description for the Muloor idol, which is as follows:

  • 3 and half feet height,
  • Standing on 10 inches lotus
  • Right hand Sri Hastha
  • Left hand Guru Hastha
  • Right foot 3 inches forward
  • Karunamayi Mukha
  • Vishala Hridaya
  • Aajanu Bahu
  • Trimurthi avatara
  • Bhakthi and Shradha filled in both the eyes
  • Right foot Sri & Left foot Om
  • Establishment of Three Trusts

    The SSSDM Trust, established in the year 2009 was to be expanded as per Baba’s amruthvani.

  • In the year 2012, Sri Sarvadharmapriya Sai Arogya Kendra (SSSAK) Trust was formed on the 5th of May.
    (A Trust which focuses on providing health to the needy)
  • In the same year, Sri Sarvadharmapriya Sai Gnanajyothi Vahini (SSSGV) Trust was formed on the 2nd of August. (A Trust which focuses on providing education to the needy children)
  • These Trusts were formed to carry out the services under the guidance and blessings of Sri Sri Sri Sainath Maharaj
  • Golden Words

    During the years 2008 and 2009, Sri Sri Sri Sainath Maharaj blessed us with the following Golden words:
    1. Shapatha 2. Amruthvani 3. Declaration.
    Baba has asked us to place the sheet of Amruthvani in the Pooja room,
    in such a way that we should read it before entering the room.

    Sri Sri Sri Saibaba’s Shapatha

    - I am simple and very much feasible
    - Those who accept Me as a friend, I am a friend to them
    - Those who look at Me with love and affection, I mingle with and become a life partner to them
    - Those who accept Me as parents, I perform the duties of the parents
    - Those who accept Me as Guru and seek My guidance, I provide guidance to them
    - Those who seek Me always to be a part of their happiness or sorrow,
    I stay with them lifelong
    - Those who always enthrone Me in their heart and see Me in every being,
    I am indebted to them. “This is TRUE, My promise, have faith in ME”
    Download Shapatha
    Golden words

    Sri Sri Sri Saibaba’s Amruthvani

    God will not come 10 steps if one doesn’t keep one step towards Him

    What one thinks always in the mind, will be His blessings. Whether it is Good or Bad, Health or Wealth, Fear or Faith, Ashraddha or Bhakti, Love or Hatredness.

    However people PRAY ME, So shall I

    Download Amruthvani
    Golden words

    Sri Sri Sri Saibaba’s Declaration

    Please leave Caste, Creed and all differences here itself and step inside for My Darshan as just a Human Being, with a smiling face

    I am your Friend – See Me as your Friend
    I am your Parent – Accept Me as your Parent
    I am your Life Partner – Manifest Me always in your Heart
    as your Partner and take Me along

    “We declare that we are responsible to serve the devotees with unconditional love at all times. We adhere to His golden words always"

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    Sri Saibaba's Miracle Stories

    Welcome to all the Sai Family members. The glory of God can be sung in many ways. One such way is to talk about our experience with Him. The experience which we have with our beloved Sri Sainath Maharaj itself is a miracle. So share your experience and let everyone have the bliss.

    Submit your Prayer with utmost devotion and faith

    Sri Sainath Maharaj, a guiding light for many devotees manifests on Thursdays at 7.30 PM and on Sundays at 8.00 AM. You are requested to come to His abode and have His Divine Darshan. This is because, in His words – “One who crosses this threshold and comes inside, half of his/her problems are solved and rest half are solved by His Divine Drishti.” In the case of your inability to come to His mandir, you may submit your letter below, which will be placed at His Lotus Feetby our devoted volunteers at the time of manifestation. The reply if given by Sri Sainath Maharaj will be sent to you by mail.

    Prayer Submission
    * All fields are mandatory

    Temple Timings

    Sri Sarvadharmapriya Sai Dwarakamai Mandir is open for all the devotees to have Baba's darshan, to offer prayers, to meditate upon. We welcome you to come and experience Him and bow to His lotus feet.

    Every day
    • Mornings - 6.30am to 9.30am
    • Evenings - 6.00pm to 8.30pm
    • Mornings - 5.00am to 11.00am
    • Evenings - 5.00pm to 9.30pm
    • Mornings - 5.00am to 10.00am
    • Evenings - 5.00pm to 8.30pm
    Festival Days

      On Festival days and function days, there will be special poojas, and timing vary accordingly. For more updates on pooja timings on various festivals, do visit Events page.


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