“Helping a person will not change the world but it will change the world for that one person”

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Helping a person in need gives a beautiful meaning to life. Here is a chance to make a little girl's life beautiful. Harshitha Aged 13 studying 8th std is having a health challenge of Liver Enlargement.

The girl is having this challenge since birth, whatever she eats gets deposited in the liver and bloats; there was no treatment for the problem until recently when shown in Aster CMI hospital. Drs there have informed that she needs to undergo the Liver Transplantation. The Mother of the girl has agreed to donate 50% of her liver. The father is working as a cab driver and from many years spending for the Treatment of the girl. The girl even after the liver transplantation has to undergo continuous diagnosis of the liver development on alternative basis for a year

The cost of the surgery is Rs. 25 lakhs and the Government and as well the hospital is supporting them and finally the cost is Rs. 5 lakhs. The parents have arranged Rs. 2 lakhs, searching and requesting from every possible source.

With generous donations we are able to raise 15% of the funds required for the surgery. Its a Humble request to come forward and donate generously so that she can lead a better life. Thank you all for the support

For more details – Please call Sri . Mallikarjuna -8762122367. Or mail us at sssarogyakendra@gmail.com.
You can support the Girl and give her a chance to live by Donating.

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